What to Do When an Uplink Number is Recycled

What is Recycling?

Each Uplink Org has a set number of phone numbers allocated to them to use for their contacts. Uplink has been programmed to automatically recycle Uplink Contact Numbers when they have gone unused. When an Uplink Contact Number is recycled the number has been automatically unassigned from the Contact and has become eligible to be assigned to another Uplink Contact. Essentially the system takes the OLDEST conversation and repurposes that contact number for a new contact.

The oldest conversation is determined by the conversation with the oldest interaction, not necessarily the oldest started conversation. If you are continuing to message with one of the first contacts you have - that conversation is not 'old' or ‘unused’. An old conversation is one with no recent communication back and forth.

Anytime an Uplink Contact Number is recycled, the Uplink User who had been texting with that Contact receives an automated text message from the Uplink system.

The message reads:

“This number has been recycled due to inactivity. To continue your conversation with [Contact Real Number], please click Start Conversation in Salesforce.”

Note: Where the system message refers to “[Contact Real Number],” it’s referencing the Real Number of the Contact. The Real Number is provided so the User can quickly, conveniently search for the Contact in Salesforce.

It’s important to remember that when a User receives this message, the existing thread between the User and Contact will no longer work. For the User to continue exchanging text messages with the Contact, a new conversation must be started.

For the Uplink User to continue exchanging text messages with the Contact a new conversation must be initiated. We’ve created full guides on starting a new Uplink Conversation.

  1. Navigate to the Contact (or Lead) in Salesforce and Start Conversation from inside of Salesforce
  2. Text “Convo [Contact’s Real Number]” or “Conversation [Contact’s Real Number]
  3. The Contact text’s the User’s Uplink Number

After starting a new conversation with the Contact, a system message will be sent to the Uplink User’s mobile device. The message will include a new Uplink Number for the Contact or Lead. It’s important to remember that this Uplink Contact Number is not the same Uplink Contact Number that was assigned to the Contact or Lead during the previous conversation. Therefore, on the Uplink User’s end, the new conversation will take place in a new messaging thread.

Note: For the Contact or Lead, all messages exchanged with the Uplink User’s Number will continue in the same thread. Uplink User Numbers never go through recycling.

Even if an Uplink Contact Number is recycled, all the conversations between the Uplink User and the Uplink Contact will remain in your Uplink Org and  on the contact or lead’s Salesforce record.

Now that you’re familiar with the concept of recycling and know what to do when it happens, what else can we help you with? We have a growing library of helpful guides, tutorials, and explainers, which are all part of our Uplink Documentation. Or if you’re looking for more specific information, send our Customer Success team a message for a quick response!

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