Shuttle Release 1.1

Shuttle Release 1.1

What’s New?

  • Flatten nested JSON on Intake: This new feature will programmatically parse out nested JSON during intake. This will allow nested JSON to be mapped into separate fields. See an example of this new feature.
  • Capture custom Variables through Telescope Mini: Added ability to capture and map custom URL parameters.
  • Conditional Fields added to Form Builder: You can now create conditional fields that will only be shown in your form if some previous logic is met. For instance, you can make a State field contingent on whether the lead selects “US” in the Country field.
  • New Destination, Google Sheets: With this new release, you will now be able to have your PODs pushed into a Google Sheet as a Destination. This means you could have a running tab on all your PODs on one easily accessible Google sheet. 

    What Improvements Have Been Made?

    • Updated expression library to include Nunjucks Release 3.1.2 
    • Enhanced Source Field creation in order to make adding a new Source Field expression easier. 
    • Implemented various bug fixes, improved performance, security and validation improvements throughout the platform.

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