Starting an Uplink Conversation in Salesforce

Uplink and Salesforce are the perfect one-two punch with Salesforce documenting crucial customer relationship data and Uplink being a communication tool for acting on that data.

For this reason, we built Uplink to have deep integration with Salesforce. In fact, you start new Uplink conversations right from your Customer and Lead profiles in Salesforce.

How to Start a Conversation in Salesforce

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to the Customer or Lead you want to message.
  2. Confirm the Mobile field has been filled-in for the Customer or Lead. You need the mobile number for the Uplink conversation to work.
Tip: Make sure the Salesforce user has their cell phone number updated in their Salesforce profile.
  1. In Salesforce Lightning, navigate to the Uplink Tab. Next to the assigned number it will say “Start Conversation.” Click “Start Conversation.”
  1. For Salesforce Classic, once you are on your Contact or Lead you will need to scroll until you reach Uplink.  Next to the contact’s assigned Uplink number you will see the “Start Conversation” button. Click it to start the conversation with your contact.
  1. You will receive a system text message on your mobile device that reads as follows: “You can reach (###) ### - #### using this Uplink Number.” This message opens an SMS thread in which you can now message the Customer or Lead.

  1. In that same thread, send and receive text messages — as well as MMS — with the Customer or Lead.
Note: Although you can always use the method as described above, another way to start conversations is to have your client send the first text message. In this case, you would simply provide the client with an Uplink User Number. Then, if the client send a text message to that Uplink User Number, the conversation will appear in Uplink and Salesforce.

Now that you’re a pro at starting new Uplink conversations in Salesforce, you’re ready to start building stronger relationships with clients. Of course, if there’s anything else we can help with, we encourage you to browse our library of guides and tutorials, which you can access via our Uplink Resources.

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