Setting Up an Email Destination

Setting up an Email Destination 

  1. Create an Email Destination.
  2. Go to the Destination detail page to configure your Destination.
  3. First determine who you would like the email to be sent to. Enter this in the "To" section. If entering multiple emails, each email address should be comma separated. (This field is required)
  4. Next, select which email you would like replies to the email sent to (for example, an admin user).
  5. Determine what subject line you would like to enter into each email. If no subject line is entered, the email will show "(no subject)". 
  6. The subject line does accept dynamic fields. If you would like to enter a dynamic field, select the "Add Relay Field" button. Choose the field you would like to use, and drag-and-drop the field into the subject line. (If the subject line is composed of only dynamic fields, and those fields come into Shuttle blank, the subject line for the email will be "(no subject)".)

  7. Lastly, compose the email that you would like to be sent out for this Destination. The body also accepts dynamic fields. Again, select the "Add Relay Field" button to add dynamic fields. (If the body is composed of only dynamic fields, and those fields come into Shuttle blank, the body of the email will be blank.)

  8. Once you have finished setting up the configuration, make sure to save your work.
  9. Next setup the Validation for this Destination.
New with Release 1.0.1: Use Nunjucks expressions in the Destination fields in order to add an extra layer of data filtering. Example: {{ pod(First Name) if pod(First Name) else "Unknown" }} will return a value of "Unknown" if the First Name field is blank.

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