Shuttle Release 1.0.1

Shuttle Release 1.0.1

Lunar is committed to making sure Shuttle runs at its optimal level at all times. With release 1.0.1, Lunar is resolving the most common issues users are facing on the platform. Here are some of the improvements we are rolling out as part of this release.

What’s New?

  • Expressions in Destination Fields: This new feature will allow you to add Nunjucks expressions (including filters) inside any email and Slack Destination fields.
  • Auto API copy: You can now automatically copy the API key at the top of the Source by simply clicking on the API key.
  • Send to Multiple Emails: You will now have the ability to add multiple email addresses to the “To” section of the Email Destination.

What Improvements Have Been Made?

  • Implemented various bug fixes throughout the platform, including in the Source, Destination, Telescope Mini, and Form Builder sections.
  • Streamlined user-interface with some minor U/I Improvements.
  • Improved performance across the platform, including improvements to Intake speed.
  • Enhanced security and validation improvements across the platform.
  • Resolved issue with Re-sent PODs not being validated through the Destination.
  • Fixed concern with no feedback being given when re-sent POD is unable to be sent again. Responses will now indicate if POD failed Source routing or Destination validation.
  • Cleared up issue with “Reset Password” link disabling the user’s account after 3 days of no response.
  • Addressed confusion with multiple Relay fields having the same name. This is no longer allowed.
  • Resolved issue with email Destinations not sending when the subject line is left blank.

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