Setting Up a Salesforce Destination

Salesforce Destination

In order to setup the Salesforce Destination, you'll have to first collect the Salesforce security token. 

If you have access to the currently established Security Token, skip the Reset section, and move to the "Setting up a Salesforce Destination" section below.

Resetting the Salesforce Security Token

If you do not have access to your Security Token, which is inaccessible in Salesforce, you will need to reset you Security Token. Keep in mind that resetting the Security Token will disengage applications using the previous Security Token. Update those applications with the new Security Token after receiving it via email.
  1. In order to collect your Salesforce Token, you must log into Salesforce and click on My Settings under the User's name.
  2. Next select the Personal dropdown menu on the left side, and select Reset My Security Token.

  3. Select the "Reset Security Token" button. You will receive an email with your updated Security Token.
  4. Keep the Security token from this email handy

Salesforce Destination Setup

  1. Create a Salesforce Destination.
  2. Go to the Destination detail page to configure your Destination.
  3. On the Configuration tab, enter the Username and Password credentials for a user with Object creation permission sets.
  4. Next enter the Salesforce Security Token you kept handy from the previous section.
  5. Finally, enter the Salesforce Object you would like the POD to be sent to.

  6. Once you have finished setting up the configuration, make sure to save your work.
  7. Next setup the Validation and Mapping for this Destination.

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