Installing Additional Package for Salesforce Person Accounts

Uplink is a one-to-one messaging tool that was designed to be a great complement to Salesforce. Even if you’re using Person Accounts to manage your customer data, we’ve got you covered with our Uplink Package for Person Accounts.

Person Accounts vs. Contacts

The difference between Person Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce may seem subtle, but it’s actually an important distinction when it comes to integrating and using Uplink with your Salesforce instance.

In both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning, the default structure for customer data revolves around Accounts, or the businesses and companies you work with. Each Lead and Contact falls under an Account.

But if yours is more of a B2C company, then Accounts, Leads, and Contacts may not be the most appropriate system for managing your customer data.

That’s where Person Accounts come in handy. The main difference is that Salesforce Person Accounts are regular consumers (B2C) rather than business customers (B2B).

Person Accounts aren’t available by default and, instead, must be provisioned and enabled manually via a Salesforce service request.

Most importantly, while Salesforce Person Accounts are, in fact, compatible with Uplink — insert sigh of relief here 😉 — integrating Uplink with Salesforce Person Accounts requires a different install package since customer data is organized differently with Person Accounts than with standard Salesforce Leads and Contacts.

How to Install the Additional Package for Salesforce Person Accounts

Note: All installation links will come from Lunar’s Customer Success Team.   

If you use Salesforce Person Accounts, you’ll need to install the Uplink Package for Person Accounts. However, this won’t take the place of your initial Uplink installation and integration with Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning. You will need to install Uplink into your Salesforce instance and install the Person Accounts Package.

To ensure that Uplink works effectively with Salesforce Person Accounts, simply follow the instructions as provided below.

Warning: If you do not use Person Accounts in Salesforce, then you do not need the Uplink Install Package for Person Accounts.
  • Person Accounts must be enabled in Salesforce.
  • Uplink must be installed in your Salesforce instance. (Uplink Version 1.22 or higher is strongly recommended.)
  • The “Mobile” field of each Person Account must be visible and editable for all Uplink Users.
  • There must be a Person Account record type labeled “Person Account.”

Installing Additional Package for Salesforce Person Accounts

  1. Contact your Lunar Customer Success Manager to ask for access to the Person Accounts Install Package. The Package will be supplied to you via a link in an email.
  2. When you receive the email, click the Package Installation link provided by your Lunar Customer Success Manager. When prompted, log into your Salesforce account.
  3. Select “Install for all users.” Then check the acknowledgement box and click Install.
  4. Once the installation is complete, return to Salesforce and click into the Uplink Initialization tab.
  5. Click Run Update Process.

Congratulations! Your Salesforce is now configured for Uplink and Person Accounts! Interested on other how-tos? Visit our Uplink Resources to learn more!

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