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Uplink, a powerful one-to-one text messaging tool, allows your team to use their native text messaging app to reach out and continue building relationships with customers straight from their mobile phone. There is no need to download additional apps to your phone or juggle multiple phones, making your life easier.

While using Uplink, you will likely come across different system messages. These messages help Uplink Users and Uplink Contacts throughout their journey with Uplink.

Below are the messages a user may receive. As new messages are created, we will continue to update this list for you to understand all use cases.

When someone is assigned an Uplink User Number, they will receive a text message from their Uplink User Number saying: "SYSTEM MSG: You have been assigned this Uplink Number by your administrator."

When a User Starts a Conversation with a New Contact

When an Uplink User starts a conversation with a new Uplink Contact, the Uplink User will receive a text message in a new thread.  The phone number related to the new thread will be the Contact’s Uplink Number. The message will contain the Uplink Contact’s real phone number for clarification.  

STOP Messages

When an Uplink Contact texts STOP to a User's Uplink Number, the Uplink Contact receives: "You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number  Reply START to resubscribe."

The Uplink Contact can no longer be contacted by the Uplink User. If an Uplink User attempts to contact an Uplink Contact who has texted stop, the Uplink User will get a text which says: "(XXX) XXX-XXXX has opted out of receiving any more texts from this Uplink Number. Your message will not be delivered."

START Messages

If an Uplink Contact would like to continue texting the Uplink User after sending a STOP text, the Uplink Contact must text START to the Uplink User Number.

Recycled Number Message

Each Uplink Org has a set number of phone numbers allocated to them to use for their contacts. Uplink has been programmed to automatically recycle Uplink Contact Numbers when they have gone unused. When an Uplink Contact Number is recycled the number has been automatically unassigned from the Contact and has become eligible to be assigned to another Uplink Contact.

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