Saving an Uplink Number to Your Phone

When you’re using Uplink to communicate with your Salesforce Leads and Contacts, you’ll probably want to save some Uplink Numbers to your mobile device. But don’t worry — you can save Uplink Numbers to your Contacts in your mobile phone with custom labels, making it’s easier than ever to ensure that you’re sending all your messages to the right numbers as you continue warming leads and converting customers.

When you add someone’s number to the Contacts of your mobile phone, you typically see a default label alongside the number. Typically, new numbers are labeled as “Phone,” “Home,” or “Mobile” by default.

In your Contacts, labels serve two functions. First, they give you a way to keep your digital rolodex organized. In such instances, you can use labels to distinguish which number is a personal mobile phone and which is a work line.

The second reason labels exist is to help make your device smarter or more intuitive. A prime example is if you use the voice assistant on your smartphone; if you ask your voice assistant to text someone, these labels help the voice assistant send your message to the right number. 

Since Uplink assigns unique Uplink Numbers to all your Users as well as your Salesforce Leads, Contacts and Person Accounts, it’s a good idea to use a custom label when Uplink Numbers are saved to a mobile device. In instances when you have both the Real Number and the Uplink Number saved, labeling the Uplink number will help you to pick the right number to use for exchanges with your leads and customers.

The process for using custom labels for Uplink Numbers saved to your Contacts varies depending on whether you have is an Android or an iOS mobile device.


  1. Create a new contact in the Contacts app of your Android smartphone.Depending on the model, Contacts could either be a separate app or a tab in the Phone app.
  2. Under the Phone section, find the line item for entering a new phone number. Beside the line item, you’ll see a label. Click on the default label to open label options.
  3. Among the label options, select the option option to create a custom label type.
  4. In the prompt to create a custom number label, enter “Uplink” and click Save or Create.
  5. Confirm that “Uplink” appears next to the line item for the new phone number. Then finish inputting the contact’s name and Uplink Number. Click Save to finalize.


  1. Create a new contact record in the Contacts of your iPhone.

Tip: In iOS, Contacts exists as a separate tab of the native Phone app.

  1. Select the “add phone” option to reveal a new line item for a phone number. Then select the “home” label to reveal label options.
  2. Among the label options, select “Add Custom Label.”
  3. Enter “Uplink” as your custom label option. Then click Done.
  4. Confirm that “Uplink” appears as the line item label. Then finish entering the phone number, first name, and last name. 
  5. When you’ve finished, confirm that the information is accurate and click Done to finalize the record.

Congrats! You officially know how to create custom Uplink labels for all the Salesforce Leads and Contacts you save to your phone!

For more helpful guides on how to use Uplink, visit our Uplink Resources.

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