Creating a New Uplink User

With Uplink, your team can meet your customers and leads where they live: on their mobile devices.

To create a new User, you will need the User’s:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Real Phone Number
  1. Log into your Uplink account from the Uplink portal.
  2. From the Uplink dashboard, click on the Assignment tab.
Tip: The Assignment tab is where you will go to create new Uplink Users, manage your Uplink Users, and assign Uplink Users to Uplink Numbers.
  1. In the Users tab, take a moment to note your User Number Usage percentage, which represents how many Uplink Numbers on your account are available to be assigned to new Uplink Users. If your User Number Usage is 50 percent, then half of your Uplink Numbers are available to be assigned to Users.
  1. Click the Create User button, which is located just below your User Number Usage.
  2. In the New User prompt, provide the User’s name — both first and last, as pictured — and the User’s Real Number.
  1. Verify that the new User’s information is correct, then click Create User.
  1. Confirm that your new User has been added to Unassigned Users. If so, it means the User has officially been created and is ready to be assigned an Uplink Number!

Here are some final tidbits you need to know:

First, if you realize you’ve input a User’s information incorrectly or if you need to change a User’s name or real number for another reason, all you need to do is click on that User’s name. This will open a prompt virtually identical to the one you used to create the user, allowing you to change and save information as needed.

Additionally, for Uplink to work, make sure the number you’re providing is the User’s actual number, meaning his or her real mobile number. If the number you provide isn’t the real number, Uplink won’t be able to route messages to that User.

By following these steps, you will be up and running with Uplink in no time.

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