Shuttle Release 1.2

Release Notes for September 26th, 2018

What’s New

  • We have added a new header and secondary detail sidebar, along with new icons for a better streamlined look.
  • New UI improvements for Email and Slack Destinations.
  • Now you can use pagination to navigate through PODs.
  • On the Destination, we have added HTTP Authentication and other authorization improvements.
  • Improved Source and Destination box styling fixes and list views.
  • On the mapping tab for Source, we added a button to create a new Relay on the Source mapping tab (and made it searchable), which means you do not have to navigate off that page to make a new Relay.
  • Improved drag and drop components on the Form Builder, throughout mappings, and in Destinations fields.
  • Updated terminology throughout the app to be more consistent.
  • General security updates and additional stabilization for data intake at high load.
  • Improvement for rendering of responses for PODs and navigation prompt

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Alignment on the tracking tab
  • Fixed: The Error filter on PODs list does not show errors.
  • Fixed: Tags from Destination disappear, even after saving.
  • Fixed: When creating a new Source/Destination, the user is not always automatically taken to the newly created Source/Destination.
  • Fixed: Deleted Destinations sometimes cause routing issues.
  • Fixed: Duplicate tags appeared some of the time in the tag dropdown.
  • Fixed: Chrome’s back button sometimes does not work in Shuttle.
  • Fixed: The Source tab appears even when there are no mapped fields.
  • Fixed: An issue that required popups to be closed before interacting with the page outside of them.
  • Fixed: Tracking data is not always appearing on PODs.
  • Fixed: Error alerts are still showing up even after fixing the POD errors.
  • Fixed: The Save button stays on the Form Builder, even after it was done saving.
  • Fixed: There is a delay in saving when deleting a Relay.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent filtering between PODs and Sources.
  • Fixed: The Date filter is not accounting for time zones.
  • We have removed Google Sheets as a Destination option.

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