Understanding Destinations

What is a Destination?

A Destination is where PODs get sent to after being routed through Shuttle. This is the last step in Shuttle for the POD's journey. 

Types of Destinations

  1. Post Destination
  2. Salesforce Destination
  3. Email Destination
  4. Slack Destination
Currently these are the only Destinations available in Shuttle's current version. We will be expanding these options in future releases.

Destination Screen

Navigate to the Destination screen by choosing "Destinations" from Shuttle's menu. The Destinations screen will show you a list of all the Destinations in your Shuttle organization.  

The screen will display the following: 

  • Search: Search for the Destination you're looking for.
  • Destinations: Lists all current Destinations.
  • Add New Destination: Create a new Destination(Learn how to create a new Destination.)
The Search bar can also be used to filter the Source screen by a certain tag.

Destination Details


On the Configuration tab, you will configure how data flows to the Destination. Options include choosing data type, setting Destination URLs, setting up email options, and many more.  


On the Validation tab, you will setup the logic to ensure that your data is the proper format for your Destination to accept it.


On the Mapping tab, you will have options for mapping Relay fields to their corresponding Destination fields. 

Learn how to configure PostEmailSlack, and Salesforce Destinations.

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