Mapping Destination Fields

Mapping Destination Fields

Mapping Destination fields allows you to take data stored in a Relay field and send it to the appropriate field on the Destination.
  1. Create a Destination.
  2. On the Destination page, select the Destination you would like to begin mapping.
  3. Select the Mapping tab. It will be blank if Mapping has never been completed.

  4. Select the "Create Destination Field" button to start creating all the Destination Fields. 
  5. The Destination field value is the name of the field within the Destination application. For example, in Salesforce, this would be the "API Name" of the field. Enter the desired field name, and then click "Create." 

  6. Repeat step 5 until you have created all of your Destination fields. These newly created fields will default to the "Unmapped Fields" group as they have yet to be mapped to a Relay.
  7. Next, click the "Add Relay Field" area to the right of a Destination field. An "Add Relay Field" sidebar will appear to the right. Select the Relay Field that corresponds to the Destination field and drag the field into the corresponding "Add Relay Field" area.

  8. Repeat for all fields in the "Unmapped Fields" group. When Destination fields are mapped, they will move from the "Unmapped Fields" group to the "Mapped Fields" group. Once you have finished Mapping, make sure to save.

Unmapping Destination Fields

  1. To remove a mapped field, click the three-dots icon on either the corresponding Destination field or Relay field. Select "Unmap." This will move the field to the "Unmapped Fields" group.

  2. To delete a Destination field, it must first be in the "Unmapped Fields" group (see the above step). Once the field is unmapped, click the three-dots icon on the corresponding Destination field. Select "Delete." Deleting a Destination field will completely remove that field from the Destination.
  3. Once you have finished Mapping, make sure to save. 
Destination fields in the "Unmapped Fields" group are not mapped to a Relay field. If unmapped, any data in that corresponding Relay field will not be sent to Destinations.

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