Finding the Uplink Authorization Token

Uplink is a one-to-one messaging tool that communicates your text conversations with Salesforce. This means you don’t need third-party messaging platforms or complicated software to communicate with your clients. Our technology makes communication safe and convenient by  using the mobile devices your sales team already own. In turn, you are able to better convert leads and build stronger relationships with customers while meeting your clients where they live— on their mobile devices.

We’ve made integrating Uplink with Salesforce simple. The first step is to find your Authorization Token.

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your Uplink account.
  2. From the Uplink dashboard, click the gear icon to access the Plan tab.
  1. In the Plan tab, locate the Uplink Information section.
  1. Under Uplink Information, locate your Uplink Authorization Token.
Note: As you can see, this is also where to find your Uplink Organization Name.

Pretty easy, right? And now that you’ve located your Authorization Token, you can take the next steps in integrating Uplink with Salesforce.

For tips, guides, and answers to your other questions, check out more resources by heading over to our Uplink Resources.

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