Understanding Tags

What is a Tag?

Shuttle uses tags in order to group similar Sources/Destinations. By adding tags, you'll be able to search for similar objects within Shuttle.

Tag Example
In this example, you can search for Newspaper in Sources and find all Sources with the tag #newspaper

Adding a Tag to a Source or Destination

  1. From the Sources/Destinations Page, select a Source/Destination.
  2. Under the Source/Destination Name, click on the "Add Tags" button.

  3. Add the tags for the Source/Destination. If that tag already exists, it will be suggested as you type it.

  4. Select the tag, and click "Add". If you wish to add more tags, repeat step 3 & 4.
  5. "Save" your work.

Make it a common practice to add tags when creating new Sources and Destinations. This will help you group your Sources and Destinations.

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