What is Shuttle?

What is Shuttle?

Shuttle is a data-distribution platform. In Shuttle, pieces of data (we call these " PODs") travel from Sources to Destinations and are translated by Relays.

For example, you may want a form submission from your website to automatically create a new lead in your Salesforce (CRM) instance.

  1. To accomplish this, the POD will start from the form on the website. The website form is created as a Source and the form data is then brought into Shuttle.
  2. The form data is then mapped to corresponding Relay Fields. Relays allow you to standardize the form data across many Sources into one shared field.
  3. Finally, the data is distributed from these Relays to any desired Destinations. In this case, the PODs are set to send to a Salesforce Destination.

With user-controlled routing, Shuttle gives you the ability to control the path of any POD. This gives you the flexibility to send data in different ways and send to one or multiple destinations as your business process demands.

During the journey of each POD, you can see user information such as the referring site, site pages, visited, IP address, browser, UTM variables and the time period the user visited.

Most importantly, Shuttle is able to provide you valuable insights and visibility throughout the PODs journey as well as the ability to resend data along the way.

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