Validating Destination Field Data

Destination  Validation

  1. On the Validation tab, setup your Validation rules. These conditions are a set of guidelines that must be met in order for data to be sent to this particular Destination. The first step is to select the "Add Condition" button.

  2. Select whether the set of validation rules must ALL be met in order to pass validation, or simply pass validation if ANY of conditions are met.

  3. Next setup each condition with the following: 
    1. Relay Field: The Relay field that the validation rule will be based off of.
    2. Operator: The function denoting how the Relay field will be compared to the Value.
    3. Value: The Value that will be compared against the Relay field value.

  4. Select the "Add Condition" button to add additional rules. There is no limit to the number of rules you can have.
  5. Once you are done adding conditions, select the "Save" button to save your work.
Setting up a Destination is a multiple step process. Setup Configuration for a POST, Slack, Email, and Salesforce Destinations, or setup the Destination Mapping.

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