Setting Up a POST Destination

In order to route data to the Destination application, you will need to investigate the documentation for webhooks in for that Destination application.

POST Destination Configuration

  1. Create a POST Destination.
  2. Go to the Destination detail page to configure your Destination. 
  3. Add the Destination intake URL so that Shuttle knows where to route data to. (Investigate the webhook settings in your chosen Destination for directions on what the Intake URL should be).
  4. Select the data language of the Destination receiving data.
    • XML: Extensible Markup Language.
    • JSON: Javascript Object Notation.
    • Form: HTTP Post request.
  5. Select this option if the Destination requires HTTP Authentication, basically a Username and Password.

  6. Once you have finished setting up the configuration, make sure to save your work.
  7. Next setup the Validation and Mapping for this Destination.

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