Understanding PODs

What is a POD?

A POD is a "piece of data" within Shuttle. Typically, PODs enter Shuttle through a Source and are routed to the appropriate Destination(s).

PODs Screen

Navigate to the PODs screen by choosing "PODs" from Shuttle's menu. The PODs screen will show you a list of all the PODs coming into your Shuttle organization. A filter menu is available on the left to help you control what appears on the PODs screen. The screen will display the following for each POD:

  • Source: The Source that the POD came from.
  • Date: The date when the POD was received by Shuttle.
  • Time: The time when the POD was received by Shuttle.
  • Responses: Responses from Destinations. This will also display if the last attempt to send the POD to a Destination resulted in an error.
If a POD is sent to multiple Destinations you should see multiple responses (responses for each of the Destinations).

POD Details

When you select a specific POD, you'll be able to see that POD's details. POD details include:


On the Destinations tab, you will see the Destinations that the POD has been sent to. It will show if the POD transfer to the Destination was successful or if an error occurred. To see more details for each Destination transfer, expand the appropriate section. See the addressing errors article for more details on resolving errors.


On the Data tab, you will see the incoming POD information. This includes all Source Fields and their data/mapping. To view full-text of a field value, expand the appropriate field section. Click on the "Copy Value" button if you wish to copy the field's value.

Telescope Mini:

If your POD has Telescope Mini data, the corresponding tab will be visible. Use this to get information about the user's behavior on the site. See the Telescope Mini article for more information.

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