Understanding Sources

What is a Source?

A Source is where PODs originate from. In other words, PODs start their journey in Shuttle in a Source. For example, when someone fills out a form, completes a call in Invoca, or completes a LiveChat session, this data comes into Shuttle through Source.

Types of Sources

  1. Form Builder Source
  2. Webhook Source
  3. Invoca Source
Currently these are the only Sources available in Shuttle's current version. We will be expanding these options in future releases.

Source Screen

Navigate to the Source screen by choosing "Sources" from Shuttle's menu. The Sources screen will show you a list of all the Sources in your Shuttle organization.  

The screen will display the following: 

  • Search: Search for the Source you're looking for.
  • Sources: Lists all current Sources.
  • Add New Source: Create a new Source(Learn how to create a new Source.)
The search bar can also be used to filter the Source screen by a certain tag.

Source Details

When you select a specific Source, you'll be able to see that Source's details. Source details include:


On the Mapping tab, you will have options for mapping incoming Source fields to their corresponding Relay fields. This will give you the ability to map PODs to several Destinations later on. (Learn how to map Source fields.)


On the Routing tab, you will determine the business logic for routing PODs to Destinations. By default, all PODs coming into a Source will be routed to the corresponding Destination.  (Learn how to setup routing.)

Form Builder

On the Form Builder tab, you can build a custom form for this Source. This tab will stay blank if no custom form is made for that Source.  (Learn how to use Form Builder.)

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