Using the Form Builder Source

Creating a Custom Form

  1. Select the Source you would like to create a custom form for.
  2. On the Form Builder tab, begin adding Fields by selecting "Add Field".  This is where you will begin building your online form.

  3. The Add Field menu will give you 4 options for fields. Select one of the following form field options:
    1. Checkbox: This option is a check list with the ability to select multiple values or no values at all.

    2. Dropdown: This option is a dropdown menu where only one value can be selected.

    3. Input: This option is a freeform editable field.

    4. Radio: This option is a radio button where one value must be selected, and only one value can be selected.

  4. Select the type of Field, and drag-and-drop it into the "This Source Has No Associated Forms" area.

  5. The Field Menu will remain open, select the next field that you would like to add to your form. Depending on where you would like for the field to appear, drag-and-drop the new field either over, under, left, or right of the previous fields. You will notice a plus sign appear, indicating you can drop there.

  6. Continue to repeat until you have added all the necessary fields to the form.
  7. Click on each field, and setup the basic specifications:
    1. Label: What should that field be labeled as?
    2. Validation: Should this be a required field?
    3. Relay Field Mapping: Which Relay field would this field be mapped to? (Learn how to create Relay Fields)
    4. Row/Position: Where on the form would you like this field to appear? Row indicates where in the vertical axis the field appears. Position indicates where in the horizontal axis the field appears.
  8. You will also have more specifications for specific field types:
    1. Validate as (Input Field): Should this field be validated as an email or a phone number? 
    2. Add Value (Checkbox/Dropdown/Radio Field): Which options should be available for each field?
      (You must create at least two options for Checkbox, Dropdown, and Radio fields.)

      1. Value Options: Click the 3 dot menu in order to change the order of the options, as well as if the option should be pre-selected (a check-mark will appear next to the option that will be pre-selected).
  9. Next choose the Theme for the form. Select the "Edit Theme" button, and edit the following options:
    1. Form Background Color
    2. Form Font 
    3. Form Font Size & Color
    4. Form Button Color
  10. Lastly, click the "Get Form Code" button, and select type of code you would like to drop on your site:
    1. iFrame: Recommended for basic use.
    2. Div Class: Developer friendly, allows for more site modifications.
  11. Your form is now complete.
New in Release 1.1: You can now add conditional fields. These fields will only become visible if a lead selects a value in a controlling field. See an example of this new feature.
Make sure to remember to route the data to the proper Destination.

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