Uplink Terminology

Contact: A person outside of your organization (a customer, prospect, lead, anyone you’re talking to) that is associated with a Contact Number.

Contact Number: A phone number within Uplink that is associated with a Contact. [This is the number you would text to talk with Contacts.]

Conversations: Messages sent between Uplink Users and a Contact.

Media: Any file attachments that MMS allows.

Organization Admin: Your login to the Uplink web application to change settings, assign users, etc.

Real Number: A non-Uplink phone number owned by a User or Contact and is the User’s actual mobile number. Uplink needs each User’s Real Number to assign an Uplink Number and effectively route communications to the right Users.

Unassigned Number: An Uplink Number that’s not currently assigned and, therefore, is eligible to be assigned to an Uplink User.

Unassigned User: An Uplink User who has not yet been assigned to an Uplink Number.

Uplink Number: A special mobile number that’s assigned to each User from within Uplink. An Uplink Number masks each User’s Real Number and becomes a User’s primary point of contact for customers and leads.

Uplink User: Someone who’s eligible to be assigned an Uplink Number. Requires two pieces of information: Name and Real Number.

User: A person in your organization that can be assigned to a User Number.

User Number: A phone number within Uplink that can be assigned to a User. Users can only be assigned to one User Number at a time. [This is the number you would give out to Contacts.]

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